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Create brand effect and enhance strategic cooperation - Dare Global  Good Life wood-based panel finishing base is established.


On October 23, the awarding ceremony for the Dare Global Good Life Wood-based Panel Finishing Base was held in Kunshan Good Life Household Board Co., Ltd. Dare Global Wood-based Panel and Yihuang Wood Industry officially reached a strategic cooperation.


The management team of Dare Global Wood-based Panel and Yihuang Wood Industry attended the ceremony. This will surely become a solid platform for deep exchanges and deep cooperation between the two sides, and it will become a grand meeting for mutual benefit and common development.

Since its establishment in 1998, Yihuang Wood has always focused on the integrated distribution of high-end environmental-friendly plates. It is committed to promoting and introducing global high-quality series of plate products, and has created two brands, “Yihuang Plate” and “Good Life”, which cater to users. The mind is to create a taste of life with the user.

Kunshan Good Life Home Board Co., Ltd. is a professional veneer deep processing factory wholly established by Yihuang Wood. The factory integrates various MDF finishes, oak veneer finishes, marine veneer finishes, muti-layer veneer finishes, fire retardant veneer finishes, high moisture barrier finishes, full pine veneer finishes, enamel panel finishes, etc. Form a unique high-end functional Eco-board series.

At the same time, Li Jiafeng, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, Wang Shaofang, Secretary-General of Shanghai Wood Industry Association, Wu Jianzhong, Vice President of Dare Global Wood-based Panel Group Co., Ltd., and Zhao Zongbo, Purchasing Manager of Wuxi Oppein Integrated Home Co., Ltd., delivered speeches at the ceremony.

User-centered is a new opportunity for innovation and development.

To this end, Yihuang Wood Industry invited our most precious user friends to witness at today's licensing ceremony: General Manager Zhao and General Manager Dai of Oppein, General Manager Xu, General Manager Fu and General Manager Yang of Pauchie Furniture, General Manager Huang of Futuristic Store Fixtures, Factory Manager Ni of Haixiang Furniture, General Manager Chen and General Manager Yang of Weisen Wood Industry, General Xia of Wanmuda Furniture, General Manager Wu and General Manager Shi of Xiyuan Projects Manufacturing; Senerlong Architectural Decoration Material General Manager Zhong; Yikang Home furniture General Manager Cai and Zhou; Mobo Smart Home furniture General Manager Zhou.


Jiang Xiao Jiang, Chairman of Shanghai Yihuang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., briefed everyone on the development of the company and expressed sincere gratitude to the leaders and friends present.


Jiang introduces the development process of the company.

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Dare Global wood-based panels, leading in the wood industry in Asia and the world. Pursuing excellence and challenging the limits are the entrepreneurial spirit of Dare Global.

Yihuang Wood and Dare Global Wood-based Panel joined hands in 2006. Along the way, the same boat, Yihuang has always been a loyal partner of Dare Global. Today, Yihuang and Dare Global have opened a new journey, and Dare Global Wood-based Panel Finishing Base No. 001 has set sail in Kunshan Good Life Home Board Co., Ltd.

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There is a saying in the old saying: Brothers are united, and their profits are broken. The cooperation between Yihuang and Dare Global is based on a common entrepreneurial sentiment, career dreams and a responsibility for the development of the sheet industry. This value and meaning drive us together.

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Create brand effects and enhance strategic cooperation!

The successful holding ceremony of the Dare Global and Good Life Wood-based Panel Finishing Base marked the formal establishment of a closer strategic partnership between the two parties. In the future, the two Chinese plate countries of Yihuang and Dare Global will fight side by side and go hand in hand, which will open a new story for China's wood industry!


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