Kunshan Good Life Household Board Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Good Life Household Board Co., Ltd.

In August ,2011,as the subsidiary company of Yihuang,Kunshan Good Life Household Board Co., Ltd. started production with 55,000,000 RMB registered capital,which manufactures the melamine faced board,and creates the“Willpower”home furniture brand.

Our factory equipped with different size machines,including 4*8,4*9,4*10,5*8,5*9,5*10,6*8,6*9,7*8,7*9 feet,which can produce various materials of substrate board.For example, MDF,particle, plywood,OSB,etc.

Kunshan Good Life factory has dust-free productive plant outfitted with the automatic production line.

Product has the ISO9001 quality certificate and ISO14001 Environment certificate,FSC/COC certificate,CARB certificate and JAS certificate.

The rich modern decoration styles brings the appearance of customized furniture. Customers are increasingly eager to need personalization with the development of rural area real estate market. Yihuang company began to value customization of man-made wood panels and develop the practical need from customers.

Yihuang makes cooperation with around 10 brilliant wood groups both domestically and abroad and joint with their production department and research department to enrich the panel function ,size and colors by some modernized technical means. Yihuang operation teams then deliver the goods to outstanding distributors,furniture factories, toy and pop companies, brilliant decoration companies, wooden door and floor companies.

Good China Panels from Yihuang Wood!

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